How to Open a Verified PayPal Account in Nigeria that Send and Receive Funds

If you are like me who don’t want to lose his hard earned money to PayPal through some illegal VPN shit and Virtuals cards, then you need to know…

How to Open your Own Verified PayPal Account in Nigeria with Your Own  Nigerian Address without having to change or use any VPN to access your account

lol… I know what you thinking already! Its either this guy is crazy or he ‘s a total scam! … just wait and see this through!  


verified paypal account in nigeria

I’ll bet you’ve probably come across a good opportunity to make some decent cash online. But PayPal limits that opportunity!

What am also sure of is… you’ve heard there is a way to open a US verified PayPal account that has to use a fake US number and some VPN shit to protect yourself!

My question is why use VPN if it’s not illegal?

Not just that, even fake US address and phone number.

Well, I don’t blame most people, especially with the situation of things in Nigeria.

People just have to make money and PayPal is not making it easy for those ready to do it the decent way.

If you are like me who is making money online or trying to make money online the decent way, then you must congratulate yourself because you just found a solution to that problem.

Before we Proceed, Let’s take a look at limited Nigeria’s PayPal Account

As a Nigerian, this what your normal PayPal account will look like …

verified paypal account in nigeria

As you can see, that account can only send payment!

I believe PayPal has their reason for doing that, which of course boils down to avoiding scam.

But does that mean you and me who really wants to do a legitimate business online cant be successful at that?

I mean, common! Even PayPal knows all Nigerians can’t be that bad!

Or will you actually tell me that all verified PayPal accounts in Nigeria use VPN  to shield their location?

If that’s the case, then PayPal must be really dumb!

But trust me they are no fools themselves. They actually know what they are doing.

Paypal really detests scam, and if that’s what you have in mind, it’s better you back off now, because really and seriously … this won’t work for you!

A little bit about myself 

You can call me Olusola David, the guy at

See… making money online is what I do, and for someone like me, having a limited PayPal account that cannot receive funds is more horrific than a horror movie!

This could be what I will be missing out on my Affiliate networks on a monthly basis, had it been I don’t have my own verified PayPal accounts that send and receives funds in Nigeria!

verified paypal account in nigeria

Thanks to my verified PayPal account, receiving my earnings as never been an issue!

Below is another affiliate program I belong to that only pay out with PayPal…


I think the message is clear… that I don’t have issues with receiving payment with PayPal!

What this means, is … if I can, whats stopping you?

I believe there are various means out there for you to make some decent income online.

Or probably you have one already, you just need a verified PayPal to start the business.

If that’s the case then you are one step closer to earning that your income online.

Here’s what you should know!

This is not the popular PayPal that you will be told that… you need to change your IP before you can access your account.

Or the US PayPal that you will be told to buy a VPN in other to protect your account and stuff…

As a matter of you don’t need to pay a dime … I mean a penny to set up your account

You should also know that, you don’t need to buy a virtual card in other to verify your account… as if PayPal doesn’t know the difference between Virtual and real cards! 

Simply put, all you need to open this account is the truth about yourself

Seriously, I don’t know how it works!

why would someone pay as much as N30,000 to set-up a tricky verified PayPal account all in the name of changing IP address to stand the chance of losing all is hard earn money!

Seriously, it baffles me.

Here are some of the benefit you will Enjoy Having your Verified PayPal business account … Have access to various online business that will pay you like magic.

If you are like me, you could also start a mini eCommerce business that targets the international market and receive your money via PayPal.

Provide service to clients abroad and collect your money via PayPal

Buy PayPal and resell it to make crazy cash.

Confidently join affiliate networks that will pay you as much as $2000 on a monthly basis with your PayPal account.

The benefits of having your own verified PayPal account is endless …. trust me the sky is your limit.

The Screenshot below is one of my recent Payment from my affiliate program.

Trust me Knowledge is empowerment!

verified paypal account in nigeria

There’s no limit to what you can do when you have the right information in the palm of your hand.


You know what? …I Just noticed I’m the only one talking! How about we hear from others that have my report already? 

Over the time have been able to teach some of my friends and blog followers and it was very helpful to them.

So as a result of this, I brought it out so you also can benefit from this opportunity!

Here is someone who decided to use it for his e-commerce business

That’s just a tip of the Iceberg, I can go on and on … but we ain’t gonna leave here.


 verified paypal account in nigeria

The revolutionary way to opening a PayPal Business account that can send funds and at the same time receive money!

All for just N15,000… but you can get it at the discount price which is going to last for just 7 days.

Seriously, it’s far worth more than this…


Do you know the best part?

There’s nothing hidden about the whole process!

Your account can be up and running within 30 minutes once you meet the requirement.

OK… so what are the  Requirements?

It nothing, you don’t already have, they include:

A real and correct home address 

Applicant should be on or above 18 years 

working and active mobile line

A valid government issued I.D card

A valid Nigeria ATM card (Visa, MasterCard or Dollar-card)  for verification. 

Believe or leave it, that’s all you need to open your verified PayPal account in Nigeria.


But, wait I’m not yet done! …

Packaged inside this, is a bonus I don’t want to give out, but I’m giving it out anyway.

It’s one of the business I’m doing with my Business PayPal account…

The process is very simple.

Inside the bonus package, you will learn how to import cheap products as low as 200 Naira and resell them as high as N15,000! in Nigeria within few weeks.

Here is an Example…

The above product is sold for less than  200 naira, if you don’t believe that, Google Chinese Yen exchange rate to naira to know the actual price!

Inside the bonus package, you learn how to buy cheap products like this and Pay the sellers with PayPal and make a crazy amount of profits.

below is the price range at which the above products is sold in Nigeria…

These are just examples and tip of the Iceberg, it can’t be compared to what you will be getting inside the bonus package.

Here comes the Revolutionary BluePrint to starting a mini importation business in Nigeria…


Value N15,000, but now a bonus!

Note: This bonus is only valid for the first 15 people … which is going to last for the next 7 days! Seriously this is too valuable to be giving out as a bonus! 


Still Doubting?

Trust me, it’s natural to doubt and I don’t blame you.

Probably because of your past experiences with some sweet mouths internet marketers.

If you actually go through with the payment, if you like, you can send me a feedback message after you’ve successfully verified your account at

But in the meantime, this is someone who already benefits from this opportunity.

So, as a result of those that might still be doubting, I’m making it your 100% satisfaction or your money back.

If peradventure, you couldn’t verify your PayPal, or your PayPal account can’t receive funds after getting my report.

I’m giving out a 14 days money back guarantee on your money.

Contact me and you’ll get your full refund.


So, here is how to confidently get your PayPal Report for opening a verified PayPal Account that sends and receive Funds in Nigeria

Securely pay online. It works anytime any day, Even at 12mid night! 100% protected safe & CBN Approved.

You Get your Package Instantly, No waiting whatsoever!

Click Here to Pay Online

Upon successful payment, you’ll be redirected to the download page. No waiting whatsoever!



Step 1.

Make a Deposit/Transfer of N5,500 into the following Bank Details 

Account name: Torchbankz Technology

Bank: Diamond Bank (Current Account)

Account No:  0102759531

Step 2.

After Payment, send an email message with Subject “PayPal Report”  containing the following:

  • Your Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Payment… 

To:  or Whatsapp… +2348127302386

As soon as I confirm your payment, I will forward you the package within 10 minutes.


The Ball is now in your court! 

You can actually choose to ignore this opportunity and let those potential paying internet business continue to pass you by.

Or just grab the opportunity once and for all!

I’m not sure you can get anything like this out there, because most of what you will get will require you paying for VPN as such.

Another thing you should know is, I can even decide to triple it price after the next 7 days or even remove the whole website.

But one thing I won’t like is you letting a good opportunity pass you by.

But what can I do?

It’s all your decision!


Olusola David