Now you can easily be your own boss and make 6figures every month on your own terms by learning...

How to Build a 6 Figure Affiliate Marketing Business With or Without a Blog Website and Without Millions of Traffic or Wasting Money on Paid Adverts

Learn how I went from $0 income to over $2,500 (N900,000) per month with Affiliate marketing

Have you ever come across this phrase…? “Make money while you sleep”!

I bet you have.

Well! I thought it was just a myth until I came across affiliate marketing...

To cut the long story short...

My life hasn’t recover from that encounter till this day.

I’ve been waking up by God grace every blessed day to see one or two income notifications without having to go and report in office or working for one sorry ass boss!

My Dear Friend...


Are you a full-time 9-5pm monthly earner seeking an extra way to make money?

Or you’re even a blogger but your income is nothing to talk about.

I even bet some of us have been trying so hard to make money online but you’ve been betrayed by all your effort towards that.

Or you want to, but you’re a complete newbie who have no idea of how to go about it and you seriously want to make money online legitimately.


I’ll have to congratulate you AHEAD...

Because you’re exactly where you need to be to change your financial status and start making more money online!  

If You’re Not an Affiliate Marketer Then You’re literally Leaving Money on the Table

For those that have no idea of what affiliate marketing is;

Affiliate marketing is online business whereby you recommend and promote other people's product and services to people that needs it and get paid for doing so!

I started my Journey online in year 2015...

Became a blogger in year 2017 and became a full time affiliate marketer with my co-online business in July 2017! 


I ventured into this business after a watching a video of an internet marketer who share his experience of how he was making over $20,000 (N7,300,000) every month! 

Ever since then I’ve been hooked and I started immediately...

However, none of my results was good to make me a dime!

They were all wasted efforts because I had no one to put me through!

But then again, I became so broke that I can hardly afford a full day meal so, I dedicated myself to 6 month of rigorous training all by myself.

I started reading articles on affiliate marketing...

Watching videos and investing in several courses with the little I had just to master everything about affiliate marketing.


To cut the story short, I’m into several affiliate programs now and my income from this affiliate business alone is within the range of “A Million Naira” every month since year 2018! 


Meanwhile, I’m into other businesses like dropshipping, Mini importation, information marketing and few other business that’s pays me crazily too.


But I love affiliate marketing!


A single day of work with affiliate marketing can pay me for years as long as the affiliate program is still running!

That’s one of the beauties.

There are months I don’t work or do updates but I still get paid for the previous work I’ve done.

This is called recurring income.

Guess what?

Now it’s time for you to start making money the same way I’ve been making it and even more.

If I can do this so can you too!

A friend of my mine Chris...

who's now the owner of "" and equally now into the business too...

After going through the EXACT FORMULA you’re about learn…

Now makes an average income of  $500 per month (N182,000)!

Mind you, he was equally having a zero experience with affiliate marketing...

But now his income is growing steadily!  

Who's The Guy Behind The Formula You're about to learn?

 Well..., for those that don’t know me, my name is Olusola David.

I’m a full time Blogger/Affiliate Marketer, eCommerce Expert, Info/Digital Marketer and the CEO of NaijaCashinfo/Torchbankz Technology.

Making money online is what I do and several people that knows me and those I’ve helped can testify to this.

I’ve been featured on few websites and some even wrote articles about me.

Below is a Screenshot of one of the article I’ve been featured

Based on My Results via my blogs and other channels....

I’ve been priveledged to receive requests from international companies to promote then.

This is just to show you I’m good at what I do!

Below is one the screenshot of one of the requests!

I've Been Published By Some of Companies I Promoted When They Saw My Results 

Some of the Affiliate companies i promoted were happy with my results...

So, they decided to published me on their website to motivate other affiliate marketers!

These are just few of what I could actually show without floading this page with pictures... 

It wasn't all like this you know! 

When i was just getting started...

I wasn’t getting any result for a long time until I equipped myself with the right information and immediately.... 

I Went From 6Figures to 7figures (Millions) Monthly Income in Just Four Months

My first reasonable affiliate Income was $169 (N61,685) 

It wasn’t much then...

But to me, it was like a million; judging from my happiness!

However, since then...

My Income has been growing with no sign of slowing down!

This is another beauty of the business your income will keep increasing on a monthly basis… 

Below are some of the Proofs of My Earnings....  

These are what getting paid via WIRE TRANSFER looks like.... 

How About Getting Paid Via PayPal? 

 My Affiliate Dashboard?

These are Potential of what you could be making on a monthly basis and even more.

 Listen, You Can Successfully Make More than These through Affiliate Marketing & There’s NO Gimmicks about It…

Trust me..

The above income is quite too low compare to the full potential of this business.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is... once you cross the bridge and made your first income...

It has a way of rapidly increasing over the subsequent months! 


With this kind of don’t have to wait for years to get promotion...

You get paid based on your work and you see results immediately.  

Affiliate marketing is quite easy to understand...

Trust me, it only requires few of you time and commitment!

This won’t stop your current Job or stop you from starting other businesses too...

Once you follow through my exact formula you’re on the bright side to making millions on a monthly basis.

Introducing ...

The formula to successfully grow your income from thousands to millions on a monthly basis while promoting and recommending other people’s products and services!

 It comes in 11 MODULES OF VIDEOS!

Showing you the exact ways I was able to grow my income from 6figures to 7figures on a monthly basis!

 Let’s take a peek at what you’ll be getting inside this formula ….

In this modules you’ll understands everything about affiliate marketing, the relationship between affiliate marketing and a blog and how to choose an affiliate offers that will make you money fast.

 This module covers the basics of building your website (ins and outs) without paying anybody to do it for you. After watching this video you’ll able to build a website for other people and get paid for it if you want! 

 Here you’ll learn how to join affiliate programs that will pay you well and how to promote their offer to start making money immediately

This modules talks about everything on paid adverts, for those that want fast income by running advertisement Facebook, instagram, Native ads and Googles adverts. You’ll learn how to set up your campaign from the scratch and turn it to a highly converting one

 This is my favorite; you’ll learn how I make money for free without running paid advertisement by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to generate free traffic to my affiliate offers.

Finally, you’ll learn how to set up a PayPal account that can receive money like my own, without using VPN or cloaking of IP address, it’s completely save and I’ve been using it for a very long time.    

 Psssst…. I was told you like Bonuses… Is it True?

Well…who doesn’t like bonuses, I think everybody does. So, as a result of this I included some mind blowing bonuses for you. They include:

Easy-To-Use Drag and Drop Software To
Creates All Your Website & Landing Pages In Mere Minutes...


  • Drag-n-Drop Page Builder
  • Mobile/Tablet Responsive
  • 100+ Done For You Templates
  • and much much more....

Value = $197


The Genesis Framework Theme is a WordPress Theme that alllows your website to load faster and optimize it for SEO purposes! This is particularly good for Bloggers and SEO Affiliate Marketers 

Value = $59.95

You'll also learn how to create a business PayPal account that will allow you to receive internation payment from any part of the world. 

Mind you, this has nothing to do with VPN or hiding your IP location all that is required of you is your Phone NO & Valid ID card! 

Value = N15,500

Total Bonuses Value in Naira Equivalent = N109,286

It's very easy to doubt, but to convince you i'll want you to Google these items and check each of their prices just for you to see what you're getting for free!   

 So, What's this going to Cost You?

I know you must have been thinking of how much it’s going to cost you even with all the bonuses…

Well the actual price goes for N17,500!

But because I want to encourage you so you'll have no excuse or what so ever...

I’m  Going to make you a fair deal for a very limited time by drastically reducing the price with over 40% off! 

So, for those that are serious about making money online and want to start immediately… as in TODAY, TODAY!!!

Friday, July 31st, 2020

You can get it within the next 3days for just... 

You should think I'm crazy upstairs for giving it up at that price...

Even with all my expenses on the bonuses I'm including for free! 


I'm not crazy... Life isn't all about the money!

Trust me,  I derive so much joy from the testimonies i receive via my courses! 

It makes me feel like I'm part of something big....

But people easily take advantage of that!

So, as a result of that I'm limiting the bonuses and the discount price for the first 50 people within the next few days! 

So take action fast! 

Still Hesitating About The Swift Affiliate Income Formula? 

well...I know it's natural to doubt but i have my reputation to protect! 

Here's what others who had gone through it has to say: 

"I must say, The "Swift Affiliate Income Formula" is truly a great deal not just for making money online BUT for anyone who desires to quit working for someone else.

Shola is a genius! The best kind of guy to learn from. I now make a recurring commissions of $500/month from applying what he teaches. I can't thank him enough. 

- Christopher Stephens (

This Course is Super Crazy, it was like teaching a nursery one student. I so wish i started this a very long time ago! 

- Hope Adeniran

CEO, Cyber Connect Nigeria 

Oh.... Less I forgot! 

I know how we are when it comes to online purchases. But don't worry, your sastifaction is ....

100% Guaranteed Otherwise Your Money Back! 

Eligibility for the 14-Day Limited Money Back Guarantee is Contingent on Watching Less Than 40% of the Course Material. 

Refunds are given when students has complete less than 40% of the course. (All Discounted Purchases Are Non-Refundable

Here's How to Conveniently Get Your Copy of the "Swift Affiliate Income Formula"  At The Discount Price! 

Please understand  that the launch period expires either after the timer below hits zero...

Or I get the first 50 persons. Which ever comes first!

Then the launch price of N10,500 expires; ...and the new price of  N17,500 automatically takes effect without the special bonuses.

SECURED ATM Card Payment

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the download page. No waiting whatsoever.

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N10,500 into;
Bank: Diamond Bank 
Account Name: Torchbankz Technology
Account No: 0102759531

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message containing YOUR NAME & Proof of Payment to: or to WhatsApp line ... +2348127302386 

As soon as your payment is confirmed, I will forward you the download link within 10 minutes.

Other Reasons Why You Should Start Affiliate Marketing Now! 

  • Total Freedom - Imagine making over 500K per month without having to go to work. You'll have total freedom to travel around, visit friends and family and equally carry your office along with you! 
  • Be Your Own Boss - Make money on your own terms without the fear of reporting to a sorry ass boss! 
  • Self Confidence - The kind Confidence i now have after making millions no be here... You should try it tool! 
  • High Potential Income - There's high chance probability I'll be making over $50K (N18,250,000) Per Month come next year if i'm not been lazy about it. You can too!
  • No Start-UP Capital  - I started for free and the only cost you can incur is for building your website (less than 10k)  and running of paid adverts 
  • No Risk Involve  - You're not the owner of the product and services you're promoting. So, thers's no risks involved 
  • And Many More ...

 The Decision is All Yours Now! 

Remember the clock is ticking!

It’s either you’re a step closer to adding more to your source of income or simply ignore by letting go.

If you acquire this knowledge now, then its the best decision,

But if not… Not so good!!!

But I believe you are smart and you will make the right choice.

Rather than procrastinate in fear of making the wrong decision, weigh your options and act on the best one—revel in the chance to create the life you want to live in other to inspire your next big decision” – Olusola David

P.S: Please try as possible not to ignore the discount price, else you will only get it for the normal price of N17,500 once the time elapses.

The earlier you take action, the better for you,


Olusola David

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