Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

Average Nigerians think mini importation business requires a special skill with a huge amount of money, Not knowing there is …

A Blueprint on how to Import only Hot & fast Selling Products below $4 (1,440 Naira) Shipped them within five days and also learn how to sell them without leaving your house while you rake in over $1k (360,000 Naira) on a monthly basis

If you think this is crazy, wait till you hear the full gist!

Mind you, the First five people (3 Ladies and 2 Guys) currently using this Blueprint have already raked in over 2million Naira in profits within the pace of four months doing this business!




See, let me be frank with you, this is not the usual blah blah…

I bet you already heard about mini importation business and you didn’t know how to go about it, or you’ve already started but your products are not selling. Maybe you are even selling but it’s taking forever to finish selling your stock.

Whichever way, this is probably because you still going about it the old version way. Well, I don’t blame you, you just don’t have access to information that works.

I believe you will be interested in …. let’s say a 20 piece product that cost a total of 16,550 Naira ( shipping inclusive) and sold a piece for 15,000 Naira.

It’s a simple math …  multiply 15,000 * 20 (products)  = 300,000 Naira. This is Just from 16,550 Naira.

Mind you all this can be sold within a week following this same Blueprint.

Let me tell you something you don’t have to travel out of the country before you make it big in Nigeria, what you need is access to information that works.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Well, My Name is Olusola David, you can call me an E-commerce expert, Internet and Affiliate marketer and a Web developer. CEO of

Actually, I used to do the normal routine 9-5pm job working with Airtel telecoms (The Smart network) until I quit to focus on my dreams and mini importation business.

That’s me at my former workplace …


Mini importation business is just an addition to my other source of incomes online and it pays me in 7 figures.

The Alert screenshot is one of my recent … Its the evidence that you don’t need to leave your house while doing this kind of business yet still receive your profits into your bank account

Don’t Just Take My Word for It, have a look Yourself!



How about the killer website that sells crazily cheaper than Amazon, AliExpress, and likes? 


Do you know the major excuse most people have searching for peanut salary jobs rather than being the boss of themselves? I don’t have enough capital to start!

Of which is a lie, most people are just too lazy to think and take the risk of standing alone…

I mean, with this mini importation business you can turn 10,000 Naira into 100,000 if you can just follow the right Blueprint! 

With this Blueprint, you will learn how to make Jumia, Konga, Oduadeals and the likes into a money making machine while you sleep at home.

Trust me it couldn’t get any easier!

Take for example

That product is sold on AliExpress between $1.23 – 4.40/ piece

So let’s say you buy the product for $4.40/peice and you were able to buy 5 of the product.

The total price will be $4.40 * 5 = $22.  Now multiply $22 * 360 (current dollar price to Naira) = 7,920 Naira

Remember 7,920 Naira is what it’s going to cost you to acquire five of that product. It will be costlier if you are going to pay for shipping and most of AliExpress Shipping are very costly, so your best choice, for now, is free shipping (30days ).

I bet you won’t even bother about free shipping using the Blueprint! 

Following this Blueprint, you will learn how to sell them fast on Jumia, Konga or Oduadeals at a fast rate. Now let’s see the prices in Nigeria.

As you can see for yourself, a single sale on Konga give back your money and profit on it at the same time!

Lol… Can you believe the price on Jumia?

Imagine o… the capital money is just 7,920 naira which is going to make you 75,000 Naira if sold at the rate of 15,000 Naira each.

Do you know why you should learn this Business? because …

As a student, You will be able to find an alternative way to finance your education without depending fully on your parent

As a full-time housewife, you can assist your husband financially by selling imported items/goods online without leaving the house

As a youth corp member (NYSC) you can say bye bye to Alawee and start making 6figures every month

As an Undergraduate you can actually make your first Million before going for service 

As a single lady, you don’t have to depend on your boyfriend or parents to have a good time

As an Unemployed youth say bye bye to lack and start thinking about how to employ people for your business

Make additional source of income without leaving your current work.


The list of benefit is just endless, I can go on and on …

But the Best Part of This Business Is…

Anybody! I mean anybody … including you can start this business tomorrow morning using the same Blueprint… and start generating massives result.

As a matter of fact…

You Don’t Need The following to Get Started!

You don’t need to be an internet, computer wiz or even have a personal computer to get started

Trust me, you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands or millions to start this business

As a matter of fact, you don’t need to rent a shop or rent an extra apartment even a warehouse to get started

You don’t need to leave your house or have a visa to start…

Do You know what you need Instead?

You need a means of payment, probably through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa etc. But you know what? You can kiss the dollar means of payment goodbye and pay for your good using Naira… when you follow the Blueprint

You need capital to source for products, but not to worry with as low as 10k or less, you can start something and make your profits

A physical home address to receive your product, even if you don’t have there are ways around that.

A working mobile phone that can receive, text, call and access the internet at the same time and finally, you need a WhatsApp account.


Let Me Tell You The Truth! Mini Importation Business Have Been Around For a while Now, But Do You Know Why Average Nigeria Failed at it?

Because they think they can actually import and sell any products with little or no experience at all!

There are ton and tons of products out there, but are people buying them, you need to know products that are irresistible, that people will actually want.

craving products

Knowing a product that people are willing to buy is one thing, sourcing and buying the product at the cheapest price to maximize your profit is another thing.

I bet many of you think the cheapest place to source for your products is AliExpress, Alibaba, and the likes … well like I said, that’s why your result isn’t overwhelming!

Recently, I discovered a product being bought by someone I know in the range of 300 Naira from this mystery website and sold one of these products for 20,000 Naira each. I mean… he imported 100 of these products and he has sold over 30 already!!!

Now, If I tell you that you can make your first million profits within 2months, don’t you think its underrated.

What makes the difference here is information … having access to information that works!

Here Comes the Mystery Import Portal! 

Do you know the shocking news! … Most of the products listed on AliExpress are sourced from this Mystery website. Why buy from the alleged cheap Alibaba and AliExpress when you can source directly like the Chinese themselves and make as many profits as possible.

Here’s an example…source a
source b 1

Do I need to tell you while some people are making it big in this business while some are dragging their feet…

The first website is the popular website we all assume they sell cheap AliExpress. As a matter of fact, they sell cheap but the profit margin says it all!

The profit you will make when you buy a product for $8.88 (3,200 Naira, shipping not inclusive) will be different from the one you will make buying one for ¥3.50 (210 Naira)

Even a babe will know the popular website buys from the mystery website.

If you are still unsure you can google Chinese yen to naira to know the recent exchange rate!

I assumed you’ve Googled Chinese yen to naira rate?

Now that you’ve done that,… Let’s see the kind of profit you can make with just 210 Naira buying from the mystery website…

Take a look at the same product and how much it’s been sold in Nigeria…


konga wax vac
wax vac jumia
jiji wax vac

Do you now believe knowledge is power? 

Now imagine the kind of profit you will make with a product bought with just 210 Naira … and sold for 15,000 Naira each! 

Just 10 sales of that particular product will give you a gross income of 150,000 Naira from just 2,100 Naira!

Assuming with shipping and other miscellaneous you were able to spend a total of 7000 Naira for 10 product. Isn’t the profit margin still mind-blowing?

Now that you’ve gotten your products how do you ship them as fast as you can without paying an exorbitant price like DHL, NIPOST etc. …

Do you know that you won’t actually have to pay a dime for your shipping until you receive the products in person? While the shipping price is not up to 10% of what you buy.

As in … if you are familiar with DHL, you will know they can charge you $80 for a product of $50 that’s how worst it can be… But with this shipping company, you don’t have to worry about the price or the shipping duration.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need to pay in dollar or to any domiciliary account, you simply pay to a Nigeria bank account. what could be easier than that?

Less I forgot, did I mention its faster and cheaper than DHL, NIPOST altogether?  Yeah, that’s what you get doing business like a pro!


Now that you have your Products, How do you sell them within a week without leaving your house?

This is someone already using this Blueprint lets hear what he has to say…

fola screenshort

How about turning your Facebook into a money making machine … that will generate over 30 orders for you in a day! And get them delivered without leaving your house.

craving products

You know what? I can go on and on … But that means me and you ain’t going to leave this page.

It’s better I stop here and show you the real deal…


passive blueprint

The Blueprint to a successful mini importation business in Nigeria … Even if you are just hearing it for the first time… You are one step away from making 6 – 7figures/month importing products from China and selling in Nigeria without leaving your house!


It comes in a PDF format plus video to show you the practical example of what you need to do and steps you need to take.  This is the same blueprint that has helped others to become a millionaire … 

It’s now a step away from you!

This is exactly what you getting inside this Blueprint

List of fast and hot product in demand

How to identify products that will sell like crazy!

How to market these products like internet wizard

How to order from the cheapest source in China and receive products within 24 to 78 hours 

How to turn your Facebook account into a money-making machine

How to identify bad products 

How to import product and have your name or logo/brand on the product

How to request for a sample product

How to deliver products to your  customer without seeing them

How to make your customer buy again…. and many others!


If you think this is loaded… wait till you start getting results then you will know it’s no joke at all!

As a Bonus … This is what I include for you!

online store

An eBook containing a step by step guide on how to create a mini eCommerce store to sell your product online...

Using this simple method, you yourself can create an online store to showcase your products and make money like the big guys …

Most people will think creating an online store is very costly… Well, it’s because those creating it are charging them enormously for what they don’t know.

Even if you still want to consult someone to build one for you they won’t charge you like those who have no idea of how it’s been run.

WORTH… N̶15̶,̶0̶0̶0̶,  But it’s a bonus for you!

You Probably Don’t Need to buy this Blueprint if…

You are not sure of being committed to what you will get in this Blueprint and run with it. But if you so damn sure and hungry to make 6-7figures within few months then you need to get this…

And as a result of this am making it easy and encouraging for you to get this at the launch price of  N15,000 but you can get it for…..


This is probably for the first 20 people, which is going to last for the next 7 days before it returns to the normal price of N15,000. 

If you then miss the discount price, it left for you. But I will rather you take advantage of this launch price and start your business immediately.



Still Thinking if this Blueprint is Right for you? 

don’t worry, your satisfaction is hundred percent guaranteed or your money back.

I’m so convinced you’ll absolutely love this product, that I’m willing to offer a 45-days risk-free money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason you can get a refund within 45 days of making a purchase.


Here’s How to Easily Get Your Mini ImPortation BluePrint for making Over $1K/ Month at the Launch discount price for the first 20 People…

Securely pay online. It works anytime any day, Even at 12mid night! 100% protected safe & CBN Approved.

You Get your Package Instantly, No waiting whatsoever!

 Click Here to Pay Online

Upon successful payment, you’ll be redirected to the download page.


Step 1.

You need to make a Deposit/Transfer of N3,500 into any of the bank details

Account Name: Torchbankz Technology 

Bank: Diamond Bank (Current Account)

Account No:  0102759531

Other Banks 

Account names : Olusola David 

Guarantee Trust Bank. 023-195-0540

Access Bank Plc. 072-452-4347

Skye Bank Plc. 302-186-7392

Step 2. 

After payment, send an email message containing

YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, Proof of Payment and Date of payment to:

or Whatapp @ +2348127302386 (No phone Calls please! Whatapp Only)

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the package or download link within 40 minutes.


The Ball is Now in Your Court! 

Remember the clock is ticking! It’s either you’re a step closer to adding more to your source of income or simply ignore by letting this go by.

If you acquire this knowledge now, then its best decision, but if not… Not so good.

But I believe you are smart and you will make the right choice.

“Rather than procrastinate in fear of making the wrong decision, weigh your options and act on the best one—revel in the chance to create the life you want to live in other to inspire your next big decision” – Olusola David

P.S: Please try as possible not to ignore the discount price, else you will only get it for the normal price of 15,000 once the time elapses.

The earlier you take action, the better for you,


Olusola David